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Highlight on GMC's SAAB Organization

on Sunday, 08 February 2015

One of the leading student groups at Gary Middle College (GMC) is a chapter of SAAB, a national network of Student African American Brotherhoods. Founded in 1990, the SAAB community now includes over 200 chapters at middle and high schools, colleges, and universities in 39 states. SAAB seeks to provide social, cultural, and spiritual enrichment for its Brothers, creating a positive atmosphere of mutual care and mentorship between peers. At GMC, weekly SAAB meetings are led by Mr. Terrence McCullough, Academic Dean of GMC. The students and Mr. McCullough convene to support and challenge each other, and discuss goals in the groups agenda.

January Graduation at GMC

on Sunday, 01 February 2015

On the evening of January 28th, a crowd filed into the 21st Century Charter School @ Gary gym for the mid-year Gary Middle College graduation. They were greeted at the door by programs for the event by members of the SAAB/B2B chapter at GMC (Students African-American Brotherhood/Brothers 2 Brothers), who had donned black and white suits for the occasion to match the alternating black and white robes of the graduates.

Highlight on GMC Student Shonese Holmes

on Thursday, 11 December 2014

Shonese Holmes dropped out of high school because of a pile-up of outstanding unpaid waivers when she was in her senior year, just four credits away from graduating. But I really wanted to go to school, Shonese sighs. I have always been in school, ever since 94, when I dropped out. Ive struggled a lot trying to get my GED. I took the test like four times. This was the main thing I was always wishing I could do get my diploma. Over the years, Shonese has moved from city to city, GED program to GED program. Nothing was working.

Spotlight on GMC Student Rahim Hill

on Sunday, 30 November 2014

Rahim Hill is a newly enrolled student at Gary Middle College, an alternative high school that offers a second chance for people of all ages to go back to school and earn their diploma. At 19, Rahim is younger than most GMC students. But he reflects on his journey and realizations hes made in the past like a much older man. Parents tell us all the time, stay in school, do this, Rahim notes. But as teenagers, we look at them as being over-protective, and dont realize that they went through the same thing. And thats why theyre working hard, trying to do all this to help us. I understand that now. I learned.

Omar Musinovic found Gary Middle College on the internet and has been attending as a 10th grader since November 2013.

Ebony: Future Nurse

on Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ebony Nicholson dropped out of Portage High School at the end of her sophomore year, but at Gary Middle College, she’s an inspiration.

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