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Enthusiastic New English Teacher Joins GMC

Nora Glenn is a catalyst for change in her adult students’ lives. She is full of energy and enthusiasm to work with students who have had a rough past and want to turn their lives around. Ms. Glenn, a new English teacher at Gary Middle College (GMC), a night time high school/GED program operated by the GEO Foundation, is excited to be teaching at this school.

GMC Kicks Off First School Year

on Monday, 27 August 2012
GMC Kicks Off First School Year

Today is the first day of our newest school family member—Gary Middle College. Please join me in congratulating James Joiner, principal of GMC, and his staff for putting all the pieces together to open this great new school. The school was scheduled to open with 100 students but due to high demand (300 applicants), it will open with more than 160 students.

For those of you who do not know, GMC is a school intended to serve students who find attending a traditional day time high school difficult due to their life circumstances. It is also intended to serve students who may have already left high school without earning a degree.

Thousands of students across the state are enrolled in 72 charter schools, including a dozen in Northwest Indiana. In addition, nearly 7,500 students have enrolled in Indiana's voucher program, allowing families to use tax dollars to send children to private schools.

The expanded number of charter schools across the state and the creation of the Indiana voucher program -- one of the broadest voucher programs in the country -- is the result of legislation adopted in 2011. The program provides vouchers, or scholarships, to eligible students to attend a private school of their choice. The first year, the voucher program was capped at 7,500. This year, the program is capped at 15,000 students. Next year, an unlimited number of students can apply.

Keven Teasley from the GEO Foundation in Indianapolis, which incubates high-quality charter schools and then supports their growth, sends word of their positive outcomes for charter school students and one student's story makes the compelling case for why we need school choice instead of a one-size-fits all education.

We are also celebrating the overwhelming community response to our new charter, Gary Middle College. We planned to open this fall with 100 students but have received more than 225 applications. We will be expanding our enrollment to 125 and planning to enroll more next year.

Over 200 students partake in first GMC lottery

Gary Middle College's first enrollment lottery was held on Friday, June 1. Over 200 students vied for 125 open seats. Students who were not selected have joined the waitlist that as of today is over 100. If you weren't chosen or if you haven't applied yet, don't lose hope!

Rhonda Murphy is looking for a new high school for her son who likes to sleep late and works better in the afternoon.

She thinks she may have found the answer in the Gary Middle College, a charter that will open its doors Aug. 13 for grades 9 through 12 at the site of the 21st Century Charter School, 556 Washington St.

The school day is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with flexible scheduling on Friday and Saturday.

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