Three Indiana Schools Sign up with Indiana Start Up Tech Company

Faced with growing demand for technology in the classroom and growing costs, three Indiana public charter schools found a new Indiana-based start up company that could deliver the product they needed and at the right price. As a result, all three schools were able to afford more technology in the classroom.

This year, Fall Creek Academy, Fountain Square Academy and the 21st Century Charter School@Gary needed, servers, hard drive storage space and a system that will allow the three schools to update their software needs at each student’s desk on a moment’s notice and to do so in an economical and efficient manner. They found Scale Computing.

Scale Computing recently received a $2.1 million grant from the state of Indiana as a start up company in Indiana. The founder, Jeff Ready, has had several successes in start up tech companies.

When the three schools were shopping for their technology solutions, they found companies that provided solutions, but the cost was prohibitive. Today, all three schools have Scale Computing hardware and saved 30 percent on their expenses. Jeff Ready was personally involved in the implementation, too. All three schools now have more technology in their buildings and are able to provide seamless updates without additional costs in manpower having to go to each computer terminal and manually updating the computer.

“We saved a lot of money, got what we needed, were able to get more technology into the classroom for our students, and we helped support a new Indiana start up company. Since Indiana taxpayers provide us all the financial support we receive, the least we can do is “buy Indiana”,” said Kevin Teasley, president of GEO Foundation, the non-profit that manages the three charter schools. “We are very pleased with Scale Computing and encourage other schools throughout the state to look at using Scale Computing when they are thinking about adding computing storage.”

“Scale Computing saved us 30 percent. Imagine how the savings would add up if those savings were applied across the state,” Teasley said. “Indiana can spend more in the classroom, less on technology, and put in place an efficient system that leads to greater manpower savings in the future. That’s a good deal for us. That’s a good deal for the state of Indiana.”


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