Ebony: Future Nurse

Ebony Nicholson dropped out of Portage High School at the end of her sophomore year, but at Gary Middle College, she’s an inspiration.

She’s currently a junior at GMC, and she’s working on earning her high school diploma, in spite of pressure by family to forget high school and get a job. “I am my own motivation, and I want to finish high school now, since I don’t have any children.”

Ebony left high school at the end of her sophomore year because of her anger issues, constant suspensions, and conflicts with others. She tried out JOB Corps in Grand Rapids, MI, but didn’t like being so far from home. After spending time taking care of some terminally ill family members, Ebony decided to come back to school. “I know it’s what my grandmother would have wanted me to do,” she says, smiling as she thinks of her late grand-mother with whom she was close.

Ebony has big plans for herself. She wants to go to nursing school at Ivy Tech. When asked why she wanted to pursue nursing school, she said, “I took care of two chronically ill family members of mine—I have the heart to take care of sick people. I want to take care of people, even if they can’t afford the care.”

“Going through GMC, I realized I really did have a second chance, “ Ebony said. “Other people have left, but I want to stay and get better opportunities for myself.

When asked about the GMC bucks program, Ebony said that GMC bucks really does help. She was able to buy a student advantage card and pay for gas. “Completing my classes and getting $25 GMC Bucks for each class I complete really does help me with outside expenses and help me with school.”

Ebony is hard working and motivated. And she expects the same out of everyone else. “I hate when people complain. A lot of people don’t appreciate what they have here. No one is owed bus passes and GMC bucks. I’m not going to complain about paying to get to school. I take everything so serious.”

Ebony has several friends in Indianapolis who also are in a similar situation, not having completed in high School. “I think we should start a school like GMC in Indianapolis. I want my friends there to have a second chance at life too.”


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