GEO’s 21st Century Charter Bests Indiana’s Graduation and College and Career Readiness Rates

January 3, 2019

Dear Friends:

The state released official/audited graduation rates for 2018 yesterday and our graduation rate of 93.94% beat Indiana’s statewide graduation rate of 88% by almost six points. And yes, our graduation rate is the best in Gary, Indiana. The state also reported 79.42% of all Black students in Indiana graduated on time. Of course, we beat that, too.

We are pleased to see that our graduation rate has held up even though we have intentionally increased our rigor and expectations, too. No school in Gary compares with our college and career readiness (CCR) rate. Due in large part to our partnership with Ivy Tech, our current CCR rate is 80.5%, the next closest school posted a 57% CCR rate. Our CCR rate not only surpasses the state average of 67%, it surpasses all area schools including elite private schools. So you can see that we tower above all area schools and the state as a whole.

I think our model, our rigor, and clear focus on providing students real college experience is proving it works and the fact that we have nearly 500 students on our wait list (without us advertising) shows the community wants more of what we are doing. I’m excited for our students and our community in Gary, Indiana.

Yes, it’s fun changing the world together!

Kevin Teasley


GEO Foundation


Twitter: @teasleygeo


P.S: The picture above shows the contrast between yesterday’s Gary and today’s Gary. 21st Century Charter School (on the right) represents a fresh start. We are proud to be in Gary, Indiana and to work with such great people and leaders. We count Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson as one of our best friends and she is doing a terrific job renewing ALL of Gary. We are proud to partner with her and her administration.


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