GEO is 21 Years Old . . .Hard To Believe

Well, according to LinkedIN, I’ve been working at GEO for 21 years now. Hard to believe. Lots of dreams, aspirations, and ideas long ago sitting in my living room with no money and no board, have actually come true over the years. Lots of families in various states enjoy school choice—GEO was originally set up to advocate for choice policies—and today, GEO serves nearly 3,000 students directly in 6 different charter schools in 2 states and our schools are among the tops in both Louisiana and Indiana and better yet, our students are graduating from high school with more than a high school diploma—many actually earn Associate degrees while in our high school and one earned her bachelor’s degree. We have more on the way, too.

I’m grateful to all our supporters, friends and families who believe in what we are doing. It’s a huge responsibility, one we don’t take on lightly. We have a great staff of over 400 now and a great mission. Here’s to another 21 years. Imagine the number of graduates and improved lives/futures we will be able to help along the way. Yes, it’s a wonderful life! Grateful!

Here is a snapshot of our current excitement. The above picture features two of our current students who are seniors and will earn their Associate degree in 2020 before graduating from our high school, another current student in the picture already earned her associate degree as a sophomore in high school and is looking to be our second Bachelor-Degreed high school graduate, and the 4th student in the picture is a 2014 alum who earned her associate degree while in our high school, went on to earn her Bachelor’s 2 years later, is college-debt free, and has been teaching math for us for two years and was voted “teacher of the year” by her peers this year. Dr. Sue Ellsperman, former Lt. Governor of Indiana and now president of Ivy Tech Community College, is a great friend and partner in our efforts. Pretty cool stuff!

Kevin Teasley, Founder



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